We build our boats to what we believe the customer needs and wants. We have used our years of retail experience and practical experience to solve problems found in the past such as drainage and wood rot issues etc.

Modern construction methods are used throughout the overall boat build process, the key elements being:

  • Instead of wood for the internal structure and transom, a complete fibre glass internal chassis is moulded into the boat giving the boat lateral and longitudinal rigidity as well as being lighter, it also eliminates the problem of wood rot.
  • The boat is then plumbed under deck to drain into the bilge. The end result being a lighter firmer boat that will not trap water under the deck.
  • Our boats are designed to be engine efficient so you need less horsepower but can carry larger engines for the power hungry and speed merchants.
  • A good boat should not have to climb over a large bow wave with its nose in the air to get onto the plane. We have strived for minimal bow rise from standstill to plane allowing the boat to plane slowly or fast making very low cruising speeds possible.
  • Attention is paid to maximize the usage of space. Our splash wells a must to stop water climbing into the back of the boat are carefully thought out to utilize surrounding space.
  • Our decks are all above the waterline to ensuring no water seepage into the boat from scuppers, it also gives optimized drainage and eliminates pooling. A dry boat and dry ride is a prerequisite in our boats.
  • Because our boats are built at the coast even our speedboats are seaworthy and all are wet decks making cleaning easier.
  • High Quality Press stud carpets are available for all boats.
  • Careful attention is paid to finishes such as the gel coat and upholstery.
  • Our fully imported custom fitted high quality Taylor Glass windscreens show we would rather add quality and aesthetics rather than skimp on price.
  • Above all we aim to maximise on user friendliness and maximise your boating pleasure. The end result of our build process being a boat with less maintenance that offers great performance and which has a longer lifespan.


Getting the initial design right is of paramount importance, and that is exactly what we have done with each and every boat, striving to combine advanced technologies with eliminating previous problem areas, giving you a superiorly crafted boat where every detail has been attended to.


All our new exclusive boats are built by a dedicated and highly experienced team who build each and every boat with great pride. Throughout every stage of the boat-building process, modern construction methods have been perfected with new advanced techniques and top quality materials being used.


The overall safety of our exclusive boats is of the greatest importance to us. Our overriding objective is to provide you with a boat that you know is safe giving you peace of mind when you’re on the water. To this end all our boats are SAMSA approved and they all possess 60% buoyancy (or more with certain models) which is above given South African standards.


The trailer is a vital component of your overall boat package, whether it’s to transport or move your boat, or just to get her in and out of the water. For this reason our trailers are ‘purpose-built’ to specifically suit each available model. They are all fully galvanized including the wheels, with breakneck trailers available for certain models based on boat length.

Boats in Development

At Marine & PowerSports we are continually developing new design concepts and new boats that from our experience we believe the market wants, an ongoing goal that will allow us to expand on what is already a formidable range of exclusive boats.