Looking for an outboard that is ‘Large and In Charge’, then look no further than Mercury’s 100 – 115HP Command Thrust models

If you need more muscle to power your boat, then it’s time to upgrade to a Mercury Command Thrust model with its larger gearcase and 2.38:1 gear ratio. Paired with Mercury’s V-6-class big diameter propellers, these 100 and 115HP 4-Strokes deliver mouth-watering acceleration, awesome manoeuvrability and superior stopping power.

High Displacement

Displacing 2.1 litres, these 4-Stroke outboards produce power to spare, which leads to improved durability, longer life, greater holeshot, increased overall acceleration and awesome top speed. High displacement with Command Thrust attributes gives you the ultimate performance.

Improved Acceleration

The larger ‘CT’ gearcase provides more leverage to lift heavier hulls onto the plane and to keep them on the plane at lower speeds. The 2.38:1 gear ratio lets the engine spin up more rapidly, developing torque at a faster rate.

Counter Rotation

For the first time, Mercury is offering a 115HP 4-Stroke with left-hand rotation. The addition of a counter-rotation model provides neutral steering feel and superior handling in twin-engine rig.

Maximum Versatility

Mercury’s extensive range of high horsepower propellers allows you to dial in optimum performance for any type of hull.

Heavy Duty

This larger gearcase footprint combined with the robust 2.38:1 gear ratio, is the perfect combination for pontoons, larger/ heavier fiberglass or aluminium fishing and pleasure boats or heavy duty commercial applications.

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